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WHAT IS POWER? A Pivot Projects conversation explored via Kumu

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

By Bill McKenna

The image below is a link to a Kumu map. Through it, you can listen to excerpts from that conversation or the whole thing. You may, through the “submit your own thoughts” node, provide links, images, or best a short recording of your own voice with thoughts you have about things that were discussed. “You know, that reminds me of _______ ,” or “I think that’s really important because _____.” Like that. In that form please indicate what nodes you’d like your contribution to connect to. It can be to one or more of the gray dots or to one or more of the colored dots.

This is a way to “crowd source” a Kumu map, and it’s also a way for you to explore what I thought was a very cool conversation, one that addressed many different themes we’ve all been touching for months.

You can either navigate the map right here, or if you prefer, you can go to the Kumu site with the following link.

The “What is Power?” work stream is now called “What’s next for Democracy?”

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