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Join with us to help create a more sustainable and resilient world

In the midst of the COVID crisis, a global gathering of volunteers is using collective intelligence, AI, and systems thinking to help create a healthy and prosperous recovery for people and the planet.

By harnessing the expertise and diverse viewpoints of global participants, Pivot Projects seeks to help solve the world’s ecological challenges, including climate change. We aim to influence on two vectors: by making policymakers aware of new thinking and priorities; and by working with people in their communities to help them identify and address their most pressing sustainability issues. We take a holistic view of humanity’s complex relationships with the rest of nature—incorporating not just science but economics, politics, arts, culture, personal development, community, and beliefs.

Meet the Team

More than 200 people have participated so far. We need more volunteers, including people with expertise in economics, job creation, climate science, epidemiology, and public health. To join or find out more, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Our Blog

Experts and volunteers from our team contribute posts about climate science, COVID, urban systems, and more.

Pivot Projects Pitch

Pivot Projects Pitch

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