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Cities: What makes the wheels go around?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A Conversation with Colin Harrison

Wed, 4 Nov 12pm, EST

Colin is an IBM Distinguished Engineer Emeritus and was most recently the inventor of IBM’s Smarter Cities technical program. He was previously Director of Strategic Innovation in IBM Europe and Director of Global Services Research. He is an IBM Master Inventor and a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Prior to IBM, he worked at CERN, building and operating the SPS accelerator, and then at EMI Central Research Lab with Ian Young to develop the first MRI system to show soft tissue contrast in a human head (his own). Cities: What makes the wheels go around? As an engineer, when presented with any system, my first question is: "What makes the wheels go around?" and I have studied this question in the context of cities for several years. I will present my thoughts about this work, which I had hoped to complete in 2020, but......


This event is the second in a series that was started by Peter Head. You can see his introduction and a video of the conversation at Introducing a global Built Environment Pivot

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